How to use Vtiger CRM Videos (2020) – Service Desk

What is Customer Service Software or Help Desk?

A service desk is the primary point of communication between customers and an organization. It manages tickets, tasks, and communication all in one place to provide a great customer experience efficiently for the organization’s business model.

Who should user service desk

In short,  any business that provides product support to customers or maintenance service include IT, Enterprise, SMB, SaaS, etc.

How service desk make your customer and support team happy

Easy to use help desk software

  • Work on a unified platform to provide quick, consistent, and context aware solutions.
  • Get on-screen and email alerts on customer queries coming from emails, phone calls, chats, webform, customer portal or social channels.
  • Automate with a personal touch.

Resolve issues faster

  • Collaborate within and across teams quickly to get customer issues resolved in time.
  • Assign co-owners for a case when a different team is working on resolution without losing the visibility into the progress.
  • Get smart recommendation of relevant answers. Vtiger’s intelligent system learns as you use these recommendations to throw only the best answers.
  • Use canned responses to answer frequently asked questions faster.

Collaborate better

  • Use @mentions to quickly get the attention of team members
  • Create work orders and internal tickets to assign tasks across teams
  • Exchange documents with customers right through the customer portal to avoid unnecessary back and forth.
Learn how to use Vtiger resolve more cases, improve support efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction
Capture and classify FAQs based on product, functionality etc. in Vtiger CRM

Set up lists for your support team in Vtiger CRM

Automatically assign cases within a group in Vtiger CRM

Automate case creation and routing in Vtiger CRM

Set up support teams in Vtiger CRM

SLA – Define response and resolution time targets based on priority in Vtiger CRM

Define transitions from resolved and wait states in Vtiger CRM

Capture required details at a case level for a filtered list of cases in Vtiger CRM

Set up support team roles in Vtiger CRM

Set up customer portal to promote self service in Vtiger CRM


Depending on the needs of your team, and the IT principles your team follows, the perfect service desk for you is certainly out there. Now, all you need to do is follow the best practice.


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