Tips Corporations Should Consider To Attract And Retain Top Tech Talent


Tech employees are helping companies take big strides, and employers are doing everything they can to catch their attention. The demand for tech workers is continually increasing, and updating your strategies to attract and retain top tech talent is a must. 


During the coronavirus outbreak, many companies offered exceptional salaries and perks to catch potential hirings’ attention. Still, convincing tech workers requires more than good salaries and perks. If you seek to stay in the game, here are some tips that will improve your employee retention and attraction strategies.



Offer on-site or online coding programs

Nowadays, skills training is crucial to stay in the game. For that reason, every tech worker worldwide seeks a job that allows them to upskill. Offering on-site or online coding courses is an excellent way to attract and retain top tech talent. You can provide them with free coding resources to help them stay relevant.


For tech workers, not developing their skills is among the main reasons for leaving a job. In that case, if you give them what they need, they won’t hesitate to join your team. You can also host other coding events or tech events to get their attention. Keep in mind that tech workers love to speak tech day and night.


Build a Remote Work Culture


After the coronavirus outbreak, remote workers became essential for organizations. Hence, providing flexible schedules has become key to catch tech workers’ attention. Building a remote work culture will allow you to meet not only potential hirings’ needs but also current employees’ demands. Let workers decide which days they would like to work from home and which days they should be in the office. After all, remote work has proven to increase organizations’ productivity, and it will allow your company to increase its profits.


Providing workers with schedule flexibility is also an excellent way to increase their job satisfaction. As they can spend time with their family members, they will have a better work-life balance and won’t miss any important dates. They will also be able to pursue their passion or relax if that’s what they need.



Use Social Networks to Increase Brand Recognition and Reach Potential Hirings


Social networks are playing a vital role in the online retail industry. Many companies have been able to increase their sales by taking advantage of social networks. Still, they are also an excellent option for attracting and retaining top talent. For example, Instagram allows users to make a post and create visually appealing profiles. Given that, tech professionals like digital marketers and UI/UX designers have started to use their profiles as portfolios. So, if you seek to hire a web designer or a digital marketer, using Instagram will be an excellent option. Don’t forget to be professional; that’s what will increase potential workers’ trust.


LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an excellent option for general purposes. So, no matter what kind of employee you’re looking for, LinkedIn will do the job much more comfortable. LinkedIn uses machine learning algorithms to provide employers and hiring managers with suggestions based on their connections. Consequently, they will reach a smaller pool of qualified candidates. Most job seekers write about their mission and their skills on their LinkedIn profile. Thus, you’ll see if they have what it takes to meet the company’s needs.

Reward the Right Behavior and Give Direct Compensation


Giving incentives is an excellent way to keep workers motivated. So, don’t hesitate to give workers bonuses if they deserve it. Let workers know when they have done a great job. This will allow you to make them feel comfortable and increase their job satisfaction. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they will start to tell others how great working with your company is. As a result, you’ll catch qualified aspirants’ attention, and convincing them to join your team won’t be a struggle.



Offer Tuition Reimbursement Benefits


Nowadays, offering tuition reimbursement benefits is a must to attract and retain top talent. No matter how good your benefits package is, if this benefit is not in your package, tech workers will leave you. Remember that they seek to stay relevant, and updating their skills is crucial to stay in the game. Tuition reimbursement benefits allow tech employees to enroll in coding bootcamps to learn in-demand programming skills. Hence, they will feel motivated to join and stay in your team.



Build Relationships With Coding Schools


To attract and retain top tech talent, you can also build relationships with coding schools like Rithm School. It’s one of the best vocational schools in San Francisco and provides students with the right knowledge to stand out from the competition. Rithm School offers a full-time software engineering program that allows students to get equipped with skills like Python, JavaScript, and Node. The company also gives students the opportunity to spend three weeks contracting for companies to gain professional experience before landing a job.


If you are looking to hire and attract tech workers like mobile developers, you should partner with vocational schools like General Assembly. The company offers an Android development course that allows students to learn by building apps in real-time and from the best tutors. General Assembly also provides an iOS development program where students learn skills and tools like Swift, Xcode, and Github. Today, world-class companies like Microsoft and Google have built strong relationships with coding schools like these to hire their fresh graduates. 



Education has become today’s currency, and if you seek to stay competitive, you have to give tech professionals what they need. Embrace changes and keep your strategies up-to-date. This will allow you to keep tech employees motivated. Considering these tips will allow you to stand out from the competition. Still, don’t hesitate to go the extra mile if necessary. Don’t forget that the tech market is constantly growing, and the need for tech employees will continue to increase. 

BY: TalentRecruit

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