Management System Implementation

The difference between a successful and failed business software implementation comes down to three factors: people, processes, and support. Management software such as: CRM, ERP, Inventory Management or E-commerce systems can help businesses dramatically streamline operations and make better data-driven decisions. But the scope and complexity of their deployment mean that they won’t always meet your requirements out of the box.


  • Deploying new business software solutions
  • Moving to cloud solution
  • Optimizing business processes and systems
  • Enhancing existing solution for unique business requirements
crm software


Help companies collect and understand the analytics or reports so they can make smart business decisions based on data.

Our services:

  • Identify Business Success factors
  • Define KPI and metrics
  • Gather and collect data
  • Prepare periodic reports for different stakeholders


We are offering complete IT integration services ranging from counselling and consultation to pin-point of primary business need, as well as the framework design and execution of solutions to enhance and restrict the focus of the work within a single tool.

Development services:

  • Business software tools
  • Extension, plugin or Add-on
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Customer Portal
  • Web app/Mobile App

Small Business IT Consulting

With a small business, choosing the right technology and getting the system set up efficiently isn’t easy. An IT consultant’s duties include assessing current processes, recommending software upgrades, and directing the executive team on the best processes.

We are performing the responsibilities of:

  • Help choose the proper technology
  • Set up information system
  • Identify technological inefficiencies
  • Improve system and processes