Resilient Narrative Financial Reporting and Remote Collaboration

Webinar Date: April 21, 2021 at 10 AM BST

Many CFOs have embarked on a digital transformation journey to make processes more efficient and connected, and to provide a single source of truth for their data. The reality check is that the need for remote working and secure collaboration highlighted a data gap in most CFOs’ digital transformation strategies.

As a finance leader, joining the data is very challenging. How do you ensure data consistency across finance, sustainability, and investor relations for your reporting cycle? With huge investment in ERP systems for data consistency, teams still struggle with inconsistencies and errors caused by a manual reporting process based on copy and paste in Excel and Word.

Add the complexity of the need for secure collaboration among your remote working teams, and the issue becomes a whole lot more pressing. Join us on the 21st of April for our 45-minute educational webinar to learn:

  • How OUTsurance, a leading SA insurance company, successfully extracts data from their underlying source accounting systems, while enabling their teams to collaborate better and produce their statutory and financial reports in less time.
  • How to drive a winning digital transformation strategy that reduces disclosure risk and puts your finance team in control of their data narrative.
  • How organizations can facilitate remote deployment and training that allows for a secure, virtual collaborative close and reporting process.

Your Speakers

Sylvia De Vries (CA) SA, OUTsurance

Sylvia is a professional chartered accountant who has gained both executive and management experience in the professional management consulting and financial services industries. Her experience includes finance transformation projects, strategic programme executive leadership and management, complex financial information systems implementation, research and development, and strategic change management initiatives. She was also involved in a strategic financial information systems RFP process that considered an ERP solution for both Oracle and SAP Solutions.

Lorraine Venter, insightsoftware

Lorraine joined Certent, an insightsoftware company, in early 2019 and has been involved with Disclosure Management since 2011. She brings with her 17 years of enterprise software expertise, with a specific focus on financial performance management, and is responsible for the growth and client support for the African region. Her background includes experience as a financial controller and technical sales leader. During her time at Synergy (an IBM Analytics business partner), Lorraine led the IBM Business Analytics sales and technical sales teams with responsibility in delivery sales and technical sales for the analytics brand and performance management pillar.

Sunet Leimecke, insightsoftware

Sunet joined Certent, an insightsoftware company, in 2019 as the senior project manager for the African region. She has 13 years of experience in enterprise performance management solutions with 9 years focused on Disclosure Management. Sunet qualified as a chartered accountant in 1998 after completing her articles at a firm in Pretoria. She then worked at Grant Thornton for eight years where she was responsible for the auditing and preparation of annual financial statements. Since then, Sunet has worked on performance management solutions.

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