How to use Vtiger CRM Videos (2020) – Sales & Marketing

If your organization is looking for a holistic solution to manage the sales team, invest in a CRM now. Here are some significant benefits of sales CRM software:

  • Sales Efficiency: Teams can manage processes throughout the sales cycle, from lead capture, contact management to quotations and proposals.
  • Save Time: Automate administrative tasks and save time on scheduling appointments, sending sequence emails, and follow-ups.
  • Contact Management: Maintain a unified repository of customer information so that sales reps have all the required data at their fingertips.
  • Mobility: With a mobile CRM app, team members remain connected at all times and have access to crucial information to respond to leads quicker.
  • Reports and Analytics: Real-time reports give access to vital metrics such as targets, actual sales, forecasts, and agent performance assessment.

How to manage Sales 

    • Set up reminder

    • Set up quotas for your team

    • Use DocuSign to e-sign document

    • Manage your Sales inbox

    • Design custom templates for Invoices, Quotes, Leads, Contacts

    • Track big deals with no activity

    • Add Products

    • Add Services


    • Build your email list (single Email opt-tin)
    • Email campaign
    • How to use Email Template

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